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Gua sha facials: just hype, or does it really work?

Hailed as “the original form of at-home self-care,” or “a lymph-flushing skin care darling” for its “surprising beauty benefits,” Gua Sha has created a media stir with many major skin care brands pairing Gua Sha facial tools with their products. Gua means scraping in Chinese, and sha refers to disease. It usually involves repeatedly scraping […]

Treasure your body, heal your skin!

In traditional Chinese medicine there are three treasures of the human body. These are the Jing(essence), the Qi(energy) and the Shen(spirit). When all three work harmoniously together the body is healthy and the mind is strong. The Jing represents the reserves we have in our body and this is split into prenatal (before birth) and […]

The Human Body Energy Clock!

What time is it? Good question! In Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) there are twelve main meridians(energy channels) in your body and the twelve major organs are linked to the meridians. Each organ is linked to an ‘active’ time during any 24 hour period and has different needs both on a nutritional, physical and emotional level. In […]

Boost your immunity with honey and lemon water!

I believe there is no better drink to boost your skin and your health! So what’s so go about it? Well.. there are so many benefits but here are just a few! Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water and lack of hydration can severely reduce the effectiveness of all organs and functions […]

The healing power of crystals!

Crystals are one of the oldest firms of healing and have always been used for spiritual and protection purposes going right back to ancient times! They have also been used for cosmetics, jewellery, and ritual purposes and are an integral part of Mythology. Crystals speak to us in so many ways and give us so […]