In traditional Chinese medicine there are three treasures of the human body. These are the Jing(essence), the Qi(energy) and the Shen(spirit). When all three work harmoniously together the body is healthy and the mind is strong. The Jing represents the reserves we have in our body and this is split into prenatal (before birth) and post natal(how we look after it after birth). This is strongly related to our kidneys(like our health bank balance) So if you don’t take care of your important organs like your liver(the engine of the body) your Jing bank balance gradually decreases and may even go into overdraft esiecialkyvas we get older which can cause illness to occur. So protect your three treasures to live a long, happy,healthy life! The candle also represents the three treasures in that we can’t burn the candle at the top and bottom at the same time or we will have no candle left! With many skin conditions like acne and rosacea, we need to dig down to the root cause of the problem and stimulate the body through the skin to heal itself from the inside out just as importantly as what we put on the skin from the outside in to achieve radiant healthy skin and a radiantly healthy body too! It’s so logical and simple!