What time is it? Good question! In Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) there are twelve main meridians(energy channels) in your body and the twelve major organs are linked to the meridians. Each organ is linked to an ‘active’ time during any 24 hour period and has different needs both on a nutritional, physical and emotional level. In TCM everything in the body as in life, nature and the universe is about balancing the yin and yang(more on that in my other blog post) so that by following the clock it helps us to understand how we can look after ourselves to give the best to each organ/function so they all can work together like clockwork! This adds a whole new dimension to your health! In all Face Reflexology and Gua Sha tutorials we can use this to understand your body and which organs we need to rebalance to assist in the healing process to achieve your optimum results to look and feel the best you can be! So fascinating!