Crystals are one of the oldest firms of healing and have always been used for spiritual and protection purposes going right back to ancient times! They have also been used for cosmetics, jewellery, and ritual purposes and are an integral part of Mythology. Crystals speak to us in so many ways and give us so much! Its no surprise that we still love and use them today!

Each type of crystal has different properties, not only the colour, density and feel but the type of energy that it generates and gives to the recipient. That why Crystal Gua sha tools are so attractive and special! The Gua Sha tools I gave curated for my initial myskinserendipity Gua Sha collection are made from green Jade for the heart, healing and balancing many organs and functions of the body and Rose Quartz for the heart, healing and unconditional love💖I will be adding aventurine jade which is a gorgeous deeper green colour for releasing negative energies, good luck, peace and harmony. Crystals need to be cleansed under rubbing water, even better in the healing powers of the sea, then can get recharged in the light of the sun(careful of a fire hazard) and in the light of the moon(full moon is best) to infuse it with positive intentions! Indeed, when you start you self care treatment using your crystal Gua Sha it is good to set an intention to ask your tool to help you heal whatever you need assistance with for your skin, mind, body and spirit and your tool will certainly deliver! They are so magical! So the myskinserendipity Gua Sha collection has been born from ancient earth to bring healing and happiness to your life! They have definitely brought it to mine! I would love to know what is your favourite crystal and why? Then I can expand the range to what you love!