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Hello! I’m so lucky you stopped by! Do you believe in serendipity? I certainly do and that is what I believe brought us together! My name is Debbie Kilburn and I’m on a mission to empower you to connect with your inner you and release your inner magical healing powers to achieve naturally glowing healthy skin and a greater sense of wellbeing so you can look good and feel good!

My fascination with the human body and all things health and wellbeing began way back in my childhood when I would take the family medical encyclopedia as bedtime reading! I continued my love of anatomy and physiology at school studying GCE biology and ever since then I began on a journey of discovery into many areas such as fitness, nutrition and healing therapies. I accidentally stumbled across my first healing passion for foot reflexology back in 1996 when by chance my friend booked me in with an amazing lady for a foot reflexology treatment.I definitely wasn’t looking for it but I will never forget that day as it changed my life forever! I came out of the treatment room a born again reflexologist!


Selfcare Reflexology & Facial Gua Sha Tutorial


1 hour 30 minutes

Luxury Signature Face Reflexology


1 hour 30 min

Foot/Hand Reflexology


1 hour 15 minutes



Dk Natural Health and Beauty has changed my health, mindset and skin forever! I have had blemish/acne prone skin on my face and back for years. It was painful and knocked my confidence but after working with Debbie using facial reflexology and gua sha my skin is clear and glowing! I used to wear foundation every single day, but probably haven’t used it for the best part of year(after wearing it non stop for at least 8 years!)so happy with the results! Working with Debbie and doing recommended self care techniques sometimes remotely when unexpected moments come into our lives has also improved my wellbeing and mental health too!

Mrs Lorraine Bell-Tye

Hi! I have a skin condition called rosacea and had facial reflexology and Gua Sha treatments to help with the redness that the condition gave me. I noticed after a couple of treatments that my skin condition improved greatly, my face felt nourished and really healthy! My cheeks had always felt quite dry no matter how much moisturiser I would use and this has lasted until now, despite having not visited the salon since March! I really love the Tropic skincare products and feel that they have played a part in my improved skin condition too! Debbie was brilliant at discussing the best Tropic skincare options suitable and suggested different serums depending on my skin each time I visited. Over the course of treatments my rosacea became more balanced with my natural skin tone and colouring appearing less angry and red, particularly on my forehead and cheeks.During the lockdown I have had an online tutorial with Debbie to continue my treatments using face reflexology and Gua Sha self care at home which has really helped to maintain my skin and relax me too!I would recommend anyone with similar issues to try facial reflexology and Gua Sha as it does make a huge difference!


I’ve been having facial reflexology sessions with Debbie for a few months now. I’ve always been conscious about my skin and in particular the scarring and redness that I have on my cheeks. I’ve noticed an improvement, the redness is definitely reduced and my skin feels really good. I find the sessions so relaxing and rejuvenating! Debbie is such a caring and positive person and has a very friendly professional approach. There is never any pressure and Debbie always goes above and beyond to ensure my needs are met. I would absolutely recommend Debbie!



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